How we created the world's largest community united by a shared passion for extreme sports


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Featured on the App Store in 192 countries, RIDERS connects athletes from all over the planet.

Customer Development

Minimum Viable Product

We interviewed tens of riders and pro athletes to validate the idea and build a product that action sports community really needed. The main problem most of them experienced was lack of quality learning content.

We produced and shared three skateboarding how-to videos, and the results surprised us. These videos reached thousands of views, and we received tons of positive feedback in just several days without any additional marketing or advertising.

On the first day of our launch on the App Store, we got 3,000 installs. Customer development that we bet on in the very beginning paid us back soon enough.

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How-To Video



Agile development methodology we used from the very beginning gave us the ability to modify the roadmap in every stage, building our conclusions on the real data from Flurry and Google Analytics.

Both iOS and Android development teams were working simultaneously. Core developers continue to work on the product as in-house developers, keeping all of the expertise inside the startup.


We made all Riders content available on the web in order to drive more app installs. Using React with Django REST API and helped us create an indexable, blazing fast website, adaptive to all platforms and screen sizes: from 2.5 up to 27 inches. This step increased the overall number of app installs by over 30%.




Trick tips


Pics and clips uploaded by users


Average session duration


Screen views per session

Regardless of your age and abilities, Riders is an ace distraction for anyone with an interest in messing about on wheels and boards.
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Riders è l’app per stare lontanto dal pc ed è fatta per avere tutto in una mano, meglio di Instagram, qualcosa solo per gli extreme lovers!
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We had tons of requests and a great count of requirements that changed on the way to the beta. It’s a miracle, but the Whitescape team have pulled this off. Good job.

Igor Debatur, Co-Founder of Riders

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